Websites – Communication Skills

Redbridge Central Library and Museum

Apart from the School’s e-library facility, we encourage our students to join Redbridge Central Library which is located at just a few minutes’ walk from London School of Social and Management Sciences. Redbridge Central Library contains a large number of books on Business, Law, Health and Social Care and offers a range of services, study spaces and large meeting rooms. 

Open Access (OA)

Universities in the UK support open access policy. Open access (OA) is free, unrestricted online access to research outputs, including peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and theses. You can access ‘Research Depository’ or ‘eThesis’ of any university to read/download theses relevant to your studies.

London School of Social and Management Sciences urges its students to benefit from open access facility to enhance their learning and research experience in the UK.

Partner Universities for Progression from ATHE Level 3 Diploma to Bachelor's Degrees