International Student Application

Application Form for International Students

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International Student Application

Personal Details

Contact Details and Next of Kin

Contact Details (In the UK) – This can be completed when you arrive in the UK

Contact Details (Overseas)

Next of Kin (Contact in case of Emergency) (In the Uk)- This can be completed when you arrive in the UK:

Next of Kin (Contact in case of Emergency) (Overseas)

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Further Details

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Immigration History


Please give details of any qualifications already obtained, exams still to be taken or courses completed. Predicted grades to be entered by school/college referee

English Language Proficiency

Have you taken IELTS or equivalent English test as approved by UKBA? If yes, please provide details of which test and what score you have achieved (i.e. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE):


Personal Statement

Employment status

Submission of Supporting Documents

Please send all the supporting documents relevant to your application to