Oscar Bimpong

Oscar Bimpong

Senior Training Officer 


Oscar Bimpong is a renowned expert in mindset transformation, with 16 years of experience in empowering individuals and organizations to adopt a winning mentality. His expertise lies in harnessing the power of the mind to drive personal and professional success, transforming thought patterns from negative to positive, and aligning mindsets with organizational goals.

As the author of Mindset Revolution: Re-engineering your Mind from Prison to Purpose, Oscar has impacted countless lives globally. His book delves into the creative power of thoughts and words, the mechanics of the mind, and the concept of a winning mentality. It serves as a guide for individuals and organizations to unlock the potential of their minds, navigate the adverse effects of negative programming, and foster a positive mental attitude. The book’s core mandate is to transform negative thought patterns into a mindset that believes in achieving any goal, aligning personal aspirations with the vision, mission, and core values of organizations.

Through the Mindset Revolution Coaching Academy (MRCA), Oscar has coached a diverse clientele, including middle to senior managers, CEOs, and corporate executives. His approach focuses on disrupting established mental patterns and reprogramming them to cultivate a winning mentality, leading to improved outcomes. The MRCA offers three main programs inspired by his book: motivational sessions, corporate training programs, and mindset coaching aimed at breaking mental barriers and achieving new levels of success.

In addition to his authorship and coaching, Oscar is BBC-trained in radio operations and media, contributing to community radio and education in the UK. His work in mindset transformation and youth empowerment has earned him several awards in the UK. He also engages in extensive work in Africa, promoting mindset transformation on the continent.

In addition to his academic roles, he serves as the CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy, a leading business training and development firm.

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