Diploma in Management Principles

Level 3 Diploma in Management Principles

Level 3 Diploma in Management Principles is 37 credits Ofqual regulated qualification. This qualification is for those who are looking for a senior or supervisory role in a business management environment. The course helps in developing skills, knowledge and understanding of business management principles.

Level: 3

Awarding Body: iCQ

This is 37 credits Ofqual regulated qualification at Level 3. The course contents cover the core knowledge and skills of managing self-development, understanding principles of leadership and management and people management. This course focuses on developing skills of building, leading, managing, and developing teams.


⦁ Principles of business
⦁ Principles of leadership and management
⦁ Objective Setting and Communicating to Support Teams
⦁ Principles of people management
⦁ Managing Self Development
⦁ Principles of Management Decision Making

Entry Criteria

Learners should be aged 16 and above to take this course. There are no formal entry requirements. However, the College will ensure that learners have the necessary qualifications, skills, potential and the opportunity to successfully gain the qualification.

English Language Requirement

For those whom English is not their first language we recommend the following standards of proficiency in English language skills or an approved equivalent for this qualification:

  • IELTs 5.5
  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B2
  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) 162 or above
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic 42-49

If an international learner does not have formal certification in English, we offer him/her four weeks of free English language classes to enable him/her to meet an appropriate standard in English for this qualification.


Partner Universities for Progression from ATHE Level 3 Diploma to Bachelor's Degrees