Our values based on equality and inclusiveness in status, rights, and opportunities. We believe in equality of opportunity for every learner. We strive for excellence and make sure our students receive a high quality academic experience and value for money. 

Programme  Level Awarding Body  Duration  Fee 
Diploma in Business 3 ATHE  4 months £2,573
Diploma in Small Business and Social Enterprise Start-up 3 ATHE 4months £2,573
Diploma in Law 3 ATHE  4 months  £2,225
Diploma in Health and Social Care  3 ATHE   4 months  £2,573
Diploma in Accounting 3 ATHE 4 months £2,573
Diploma in Applied Statistics 3 ATHE 4 months £2,573
Diploma in Business English and Communication  3 ATHE 4 months £2,573
Diploma in Information and Digital Technologies  3 ATHE 4 months £2,573
Diploma in Study and Research Skills  - - 4 months £2,800
English Language Course  - - 9 months  £4,500
English Language Course  - - 6 months  £3,000
English Language Course  - - 3 months  £1,500
Short Courses for Personal, Professional or Academic Development  - - Depends on the course Enquire


Paying your tuition fees

Home Students

Home students can pay by using credit/debit card or online bank transfer or in cash by visitig our admission office. 

International Students


We have proud partnership with Flywire to provide our international students with an easy and secure method of paying their tuition fees from any country and any bank.

To pay your fees, click on www.lsms.flywire.com to begin the payment process. If you have any question about making an international payment, visit Flywire help

Flywire allows you to:

  1. Pay in over 150 currencies and from over 240 countries & territories
  2. Track your payment from start to finish
  3. Pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer or e-wallet solutions including China UnionPay & AliPay
  4. Save on bank fees and exchange rates
  5. Benefit from a 24/7 dedicated multilingual customer support
  6. Transfers in your home currency and will ensure best rate guarantee,

Why use Flywire?

  1. No hidden bank fees when you use Flywire
  2. Flywire will process the currency exchange – offering you wholesale exchange rates, unmatched by traditional banks as part of their Best Rate Guarantee. 

How to make an international payment with Flywire? 


If you are entitled to a refund, you may submit a refund request form which is available online or can be obtained from our admission office.

Please note:

  1. If a student fails to obtain the UK visa, we will refund 100% of the deposit or paid tuition fee. We do not charge any registration or administration fee in case of visa refusal. 
  2. All refunds will be made to the individual or organisation that originally paid the fees.
  3. If a third party has paid the deposit on behalf of the student, the refund is made to the third party.
  4. Refunds can only be made to the account which the original payment was made from.
  5. If you are entitled, refunds will be processed within 21 days of receiving a correctly completed refund request form.
  6. All refunds will be made in £ sterling through Flywire.
  7. Any bank charges or currency conversion costs incurred in making a refund shall be borne by the student or the third party receiving the payment.


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